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Easy Home Exercise - Learn Full Body Workout in 30s // No Equipment | 輕鬆居家鍛鍊 - 30秒簡單易學全身運動 // 無需器材

Move with Gourami x Natasha Chung (@natashamlchung) There are many proven benefits of exercising regularly. Among other things, it can help reduce anxiety and boost your mood.

Natasha Chung, Ambassador of Spartan Race HK & SGX coach, demonstrates a set of basic exercises to help you move wherever you are.

Shoulder Taps / Mountain Climbers / Reverse Lunges

Try 4 rounds of 30s work / 10s rest


Spartan Race HK 和 SGX 教練大使 Natasha Chung 展示了一系列基本練習,無論身在何處的您都可以輕鬆運動。

拍肩 / 登山者 / 後跨步

嘗試4組 / 每組30秒 / 休息10秒

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