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How to do Chaturanga – Four Limbed Staff Yoga Pose / 如何練習鱷魚式 - 四柱式瑜伽體式

Move with Gourami x Katherine Lee (@katherineleeyoga)

Chaturanga (chah-tuur-ANGH-uh), essentially a low plank or a yoga push up, is great for strengthening entire core and upper body. Developing good and strong chaturanga will change your yoga practice. It is a difficult pose to master yet an easy one to do with improper form. Move with Katherine to get started on your Chaturanga “Four-Limbed Staff Pose” practice.

Chaturanga(chah-tuur-ANGH-uh)是最矮的平板或瑜伽俯臥撑,非常適合增強整個核心和上半身肌肉。 提升Chaturanga訓練可以改善您的瑜伽練習, 這是一個很難掌握的姿勢, 而且很容易做出不正確的姿勢。與Katherine一起開始進行Chaturanga“四柱式瑜伽體式”練習。

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