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4 Ways to Update your Plank – Easy Home Core Exercise | 4招提升你的平板支撑 – 輕鬆居家核心肌肉鍛鍊

Move with Gourami x Amanda Cheng (@mandarkc)



One exercise, multiple benefits! Here’s an easy at home quarantine workout designed for you!

It is said that social distancing can reduce the outbreak of Coronavirus, but we can still exercise at home to stay healthy. Try out this plank exercise!

A plank is a simple and effective bodyweight exercise that requires no equipment and can be performed anywhere to strengthen abdominal and core muscles. Amanda shows us 4 ways to challenge your basic plank, push harder, and break a sweat!


抗疫期間,減少社交聚會, 健身室亦要關閉,但不緊要, 在家一樣可以運動鍛鍊身體。保持身體健康,鍛鍊出強建體魄有助抗疫!

建議一種簡單有效的平板支撐運動,不需要任何設備,可以在家隨時增強腹部和核心肌肉。Amanda 向我們展示了四種挑戰您的基礎平板,強化練習,瘋狂爆汗!

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