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1分鐘簡易瘦身操 – 堅持30天瘦身挑戰 | 1 Minute Easy Workout – 30 Days Challenge

Move with Gourami x Jo Cheung (

Exercise is a great way to make you not only look but feel better. The hardest part about weight loss is keeping it off! It is essential to find an easy to do routine exercise that you can practice daily. So join for her 1 minute easy to follow workout.

There are many reasons why you should exercise daily, here are the top 6!

1. Exercise helps weight control

2. Exercise improves mood

3. Exercise promotes better sleep

4. Exercise boosts your immune system and better health

5. Exercise make you more energetic

6. Exercise can be fun

規律的運動習慣,除了可以令你看起來更健美,穿起衣服來更好看更精神,還會對心理健康都有非常直接的正面影響。 減肥運動最困難的部分就是堅持!最緊要是找到日常可以輕鬆進行的鍛煉方法。 跟@aerial.jo一起進行1分鐘的輕鬆鍛煉吧。


1. 運動可控制體重

2. 運動有助提升心理健康,增加我們正面的情緒

3. 運動可改善睡眠

4. 運動可增強免疫系統和健康狀況

5. 運動使您更有活力

6. 運動可以很有趣

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