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下半身拉筋: 骨盆矯正 , 修出下身線條//無需器材 - Lower Body Stretches : Hips, Groin, Lower Back , Inner Thighs Stretch

(English version)


Move with Gourami x Amanda Cheng (@mandarkc)

Follow Amanda to stretch out lower body! You can also simply incorporate a few of these movements into your daily exercise routine.

A tight firm buttocks can help elongate body figure, allowing your womanly curves to stand out. This set of exercise not only tightens buttocks, reduce excess fat while strengthening hips muscle, as well as legs slimming.


緊實的臀部可以幫助延長身材,讓女性曲線突出。 這套運動不僅可以收緊臀部,減少多餘的脂肪,同時還能增強臀部肌肉以及瘦腿。

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